This is a project very close to my heart. I am Scottish, but now live in Tokyo and I was here during the March earthquake of 2011. I did not leave the city. The experience was strange, stressful, scary, a thousand other things. Yet it was entirely Tokyo-based. I cannot begin to imagine the experiences of the people of Tohoku, and so when the opportunity to do something with my writing that could help the people affected by the earthquake presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

A Thousand Cranes is a charity anthology published by Cargo. All profits from its sale go to the Japanese Red Cross. I have a short story in it called Matsu that deals directly with my experience of the earthquake, and I am very happy to appear alongside some of the hottest names in the Scottish literary world in a project that for me combines here and there, heart and home. I am deeply indebted to the wonderful people who put this project together.

You can buy the book in both print and electronic formats at the following links:


E-book (US)

E-book (UK)

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